Review Showcase - Sailing Toward Osiris

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Today we will be looking at some of the reviewers that have taken the time to play our game Sailing Towards Osiris and provide their impressions on it. In Sailing Towards Osiris, players have only 4 seasons to build the best Monuments honoring the recently deceased Pharaoh. Using worker placement and resource management, players will take on the role of governors hoping to secure their spot as Pharaoh's successor before his funerary barge reaches its destination.

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“Overall, I think Sailing Toward Osiris is an excellent game that features some very tight design mechanics that are the result of what looks like very extensive playtesting.”

Mathew Smail - Matt is B3's resident Head of Board Games. As a life-long fan of all things gaming he'll also occasionally be found covering video games with the team, or bringing a nice mix of topics to the podcast.

You can find Mathew’s reviews here: In particular here is his Sailing Towards Osiris review:

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“ should definitely try Sailing Towards Osiris because it really is a great, great Euro game worth checking out. I really recommend this one. It’s really good. No it’s not good, it’s a great game.”

Danijel Ljubas - Daniel started reviewing as a way to overcome his fear of cameras and share his love of boardgaming. Thanks to his content creation, he has been able to meet a lot of great new people and can’t wait to continue the journey.

You can find him on Facebook here: , Instagram here:, and his Youtube channel is here: Specifically, his review of Sailing Towards Osiris can be found here:

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“This game made our Origins Top Ten, and frankly was my personal favorite from Origins this year. For me, it is a top shelf game, which means I will have to retire another top shelf game to a lower shelf.”

Josh Hale - Josh is an avid tabletop gamer and loves the process of learning something new not by reading directions, but by playing through a round. He also is a single father and lawyer, so staying busy is never a problem.

You can follow Meeple Gamers on Twitter here: Josh’s reviews are here: His Sailing Towards Osiris review is here: