The Pharaoh Has Died...

Egypt needs a new ruler and the Pharaoh has left no descendants to take the crown. Law dictates that the governor to bury the Pharaoh will become the next Pharaoh, and in order to gain the privilege of burying the Pharaoh you must build monuments in his honor. 

One Governor Will Rise to Power

Sailing Toward Osiris is a worker placement game for 2-5 players where you and your friends will be gathering resources, gaining favor from the gods, and utilizing citizen powers to build monuments on the River Nile. Not only must you use your actions wisely, you must also time them for the most efficient play. Gain bonus points for building a monument next to the Pharaoh's barge. Or build your monuments in certain configurations to get bonus points at the end of the game. 

Game Overview

The game is played over 4 seasons and each season the Pharaoh's barge moves forward one space on the River Nile. You can build monuments anywhere on the board, but get bonus points for building a monument next to the Pharaoh's barge.

At the start of each season, player's draw laborers from a bag and place them behind their player screen. Then, place a certain number of laborers in the laborer pool to hire during the season.  

Each season player's take turns taking 1 action until they withdraw from the season. On your turn, you may take 1 of the following actions:

  1. Harvest Resources by placing a laborer on a terrain space and gaining all the resources shown. Basic laborers may only be placed on terrain spaces that touch the river segment where the Pharaoh's barge is currently located or where it has been. Master laborers can be placed on any terrain space.

  2. Visit a City by placing a laborer on any city space on the board. Draw 2 city cards, keep 1, and give 1 to any other player. Player's may bribe you to get the card.

  3. Lead or Join a Caravan by placing your laborer on a caravan space. If you are a leading a caravan, meaning you are the first player to play on a caravan space, you also place your camel token there (to signify you are the leader) and then gain the resources from one of the sections. If you join a caravan, you take the resources from the other section, but must give one of those resources to the player who is leading the caravan.

  4. Hire an Extra Laborer by paying any 2 resources to the labor pool to gain 1 laborer from the labor pool.

  5. Trade at the Market by paying one of the resource sets noted on a market cartouche to receive the other resource set.

  6. Plan a Monument by paying the resources shown in one cartouche to the supply, and place your appropriate monument token on the cartouche used. While your monument token is on a planning cartouche no other player may plan a monument on that particular cartouche.

  7. Build a Monument by moving one of your monuments from a planning cartouche to a valid position on the board. Gain points for building the monument immediately and a bonus point for building on a section that is touching the river segment where the Pharaoh's barge is currently located. You'll gain bonus points for certain configurations you've built your monuments in at the end of the game.

  8. Play a City Card by discarding it. You may either gather the resources shown in the cartouche on the card or use the power written on the card.

  9. Play a Boon Card by playing it face-up in front of you. You can only play one card per season, and it may not be a boon card that another player has played previously in the same season.

  10. Withdraw for the Season by placing your withdraw token in front of your player screen. If you are the first to withdraw, you place your withdraw token on a Regent cartouche on the board. You will receive the bonuses shown on the cartouche at the start of the next season.


  • 1 Game Board

  • 5 Player Screens

  • 5 Score Tokens

  • 5 Withdraw Tokens

  • 3 Regent Tokens

  • 20 City Cards

  • 25 Boon Cards

  • 30 Grain Tokens

  • 30 Stone Tokens

  • 30 Brick Tokens

  • 1 Barge Token

  • 5 Camel Tokens

  • 20 Sphinx Tokens

  • 15 Obelisk Tokens

  • 10 Pylon Tokens

  • 12 Laborer Tokens

  • 3 Master Laborers

  • 1 Draw Bag


Game Design: David MacKenzie
Illustrations: Denis Martynets
Game Development: Isaias Vallejo, David MacKenzie