Did you miss out on the Kickstarter campaign for Crimson Seas, the next big expansion of Valeria: Card Kingdoms? Well, now’s you chance to pre-order Crimson Seas and get the new Ward Towers Expansion Pack included at no extra cost.

We funded Corsairs of Valeria through our recent Kickstart project for VCK Crimson Seas. If you missed it, now you can place a pre-order for this push your luck dice game. Race through the Isles of Valeria gathering silver, grog, and maps; use cannons to attach merchant ships or steal from your opponents; but avoid the curses that will rob you of your precious coins.

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Are you a pin collector? Someone who loves Valeria: Card Kingdoms? A fan of Daily Magic Games? This 2”x1” hard enamel pin could be just what you’re looking for. Pre-order one today for delivery in July 2019.

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In SONGBIRDS, you know every breed and volume of each bird right from the start of the game, but can you figure out the best position for each card? Is a loud call or a whispered song appropriate? Each row and column earns points for the loudest breed of songbird, but your score depends on which breed you hold back as your favorite.

Retail Release: February 20, 2019

SHADOWVALE is the newest expansion for the Valeria: Card Kingdoms game. The box contains a completely new set of 10 Citizens (60 cards), 5 new Monster stacks (35 cards), 22 new Domain cards, 8 new Event cards, and 4 new Duke cards. More of everything you love about Valeria: Card Kingdoms.

Retail Release: February 20, 2019