Chocolatiers and Crimson Seas

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We here at Daily Magic Games are hoping to start the year off right with the arrival of regular, recurring news posts. This is something we’ve been wanting to do for some time and are finally able to make it happen.

To start off with, the content of these news posts will mainly consist of:

  • News and previews of upcoming games

  • Occasional insights on our game development and production process

  • Official release announcements

  • Information about conventions and events we are attending

  • Links to interviews or other media about us and our games

  • ...and more content to come!


Speaking of Kickstarter, our newest game Chocolatiers is on there now and ending soon! We are really excited to get this one in your hands. It’s a great family weight game, but with a lot of deceptive strategy to satisfy the seasoned gamers of your group. If you’re a fan of puzzle-like games that are easy to teach and lightning fast to play, then this is the game for you! You can view the interview that our very own Isaias Vallejo had with The Inquisitive Meeple about Chocolatiers here:

We’ve got a big year planned. So far the current pipeline includes a new Valeria: Card Kingdoms expansion coming out with the working title of “Crimson Seas”, a light Valeria-themed dice game called “Corsairs”, and a new strategic game set in the Valeria universe named “Margraves”! -- We're also working on two expansions for “Horizons”, one expansion for “Sailing Toward Osiris”, and a new blind bidding card game called “Panorama: Hawaii”.

For those of you that are as excited about trying out new Valeria Card Kingdom content as we are about making it, good news! We are releasing the PNP files to everyone already! We would love to get feedback from fans of the original game. If that sounds like fun to you, then follow this link or the image below to download and try it out for yourself! This does not include Domain or Monster cards as we want to make sure the new core mechanisms we are introducing are fun for all.

Stay tuned to this channel for even more news and updates. We are hoping to make 2019 an exciting year for Daily Magic Games and fans alike.