Crimson Seas PNP and Origins

Our most recent Kickstarter for Chocolatiers was a success! We had 483 backers help bring the game to life with almost 150% of the goal reached! Now we start the work of getting it into your hands. We are currently finalizing final files for the printer while our German publishing partner is finalizing their translations. Once completed, we’ll send all of the files to the printer and begin the wait for the proofs. As usual, you’ll be able to watch us unbox the physical proofs we get from the factory when we upload the video to YouTube. You’ll get to see how the proofs turned out at the same time as us when we discuss if any edits are needed. Between these news updates, our Newsletter, and the Kickstarter page you can be sure that you’ll know what’s happening with the game as soon as possible. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have and we’ll do our best to answer them!

With the Chocolatiers campaign complete, we now sit at 17 successful Kickstarters as a company. We are very proud of the games we make and all the positive feedback we’ve received over the years. Kickstarter is a wonderful platform for a small business and we plan to continue to utilize it as a resource.

Our next campaign will be launching on Kickstarter on March 4th and we’re excited to announce that we’re returning to the Valeria universe with a new expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms called Crimson Seas! You don’t need to wait until the Kickstarter to start learning more about the expansion. We would love to hear what you think before we lock things in, and the best way to do that is to make the print-and-play files available for you to check out. You can click this link to download the print-and-play files. (Please note that this doesn’t include all of the new cards; it just focuses on the new mechanics we’re adding.)

In addition to getting your feedback on the games that are in the pipeline, we are also looking for local volunteers for the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH. If you are interested in demoing games in exchange for an exhibitor badge and some free games, contact us for all of the details! You can reach us at