Game Overview

Kitten Klash is a 2-player game of speedy pattern matching and super- fast reflexes. Players sit across the table from each other and play cards to a center area that both players can easily reach.

Separate the cards into two decks, Pirate Kittens (red back) and Ninja Kittens (purple back), then give one deck to each player. Each player shuffles their deck then holds their deck in one hand with the card faces down.

Using a steady rhythm, players simultaneously deal cards from their deck to the table, face-up, in a line of their own, from their left to their right. When four cards are laid out, start back on the left and deal more cards on top of the previously dealt cards.

Kitten Klash Example

Whenever you see two adjacent card stacks (side-by-side or end-to-end) that have the same color card on top, quickly grab both of the stacks and pull them to your side of the table. Gray is any color!

Continue the process of simultaneously dealing and grabbing until both players are out of cards and there are no adjacent matching color cards in the play area.

Each player then scores 1 point for each of their opponent’s cards that they grabbed. The highest score is the winner.


  • 52 Kitten Cards
  • 1 Rules Card


Game Design: Alice Davis and Matt Jacobs
Illustrations: Claire Donaldson