VOV Expansion Pack #1: Guild Halls


VOV Expansion Pack #1: Guild Halls


1 Worker's Guild Building Card
1 Tower of Honor Building Card
1 Sacred Grove Building Card
1 Key and Blade Building Card
1 Miner Adventurer Card
1 Squire Adventurer Card
1 Shaman Adventurer Card
1 Sapper Adventurer Card
1 Festival of the Dawn Event Card
1 Rise of the Skeletons Event Card
1 Jester's Craft Event Card
1 Isles of Valeria Event Card
1 Event Reference Card

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Expansion Pack #1: Guild Halls
This Expansion Pack introduces 4 new Buildings (one Guild Hall per Building Type), 4 new Adventurers, and 4 new Events. Guild Halls give bonus Victory Points to the player with the most of a single building type. Will these new Guild Halls and Adventurers be enough to win you the game? Add these cards to find out!