VOV Expansion Bonus Pack: Events


VOV Expansion Bonus Pack: Events


1 Baron Adventurer Card
1 Sorceress Adventurer Card
1 Champion Adventurer Card
1 Bishop Adventurer Card
1 Events Reference Card
1 Dragon Event Card
1 Queen's Day Event Card
1 Goblin Horde Event Card
1 Fae's Blessing Event Card
1 Giant Event Card
1 Royal Wedding Event Card
1 Rabunhod Event Card
1 Orc Bearrider Event Card

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Bonus Pack: Events
This Expansion Pack introduces 4 new Adventurers to recruit and 8 Events, a new game mechanic. Events are shuffled in to the Building draw deck and are revealed throughout the game. There are positive and negative Events - which one will you be dealt? Will the new Adventurers help you build the next Capital City? Add these cards to find out!