2 - 6 players, 30-40 minutes

Rescue lost companions scattered in time. Befriend dinosaurs, samurai, Egyptian queens and other time travelers. Collect historical relics for profit but try to avoid the consequences of creating a time paradox, which includes the destruction of your own known reality and universe.

Welcome to the Timeline

Everyone complains about the past, now is your chance to do something about it.

In Sarah's Singularity players compete as alternate future versions of the same character solving missions throughout history. Time unfolds as they chase outlaws in Norman England, bring Dinosaurs to Feudal Japan and road-trip with ’70s Rock-Stars to Ancient Egypt, all while trying to gather the most points for Science, Adventure, Fun and Profit. Players need to carefully monitor and outwit the others to ensure that only their alternate future survives to become the true timeline.

Game Play Overview

  1. Players simultaneously choose a Time Zone to travel to, and resolve any resulting Paradoxes. The current Time Czar rules on the order of operations.
  2. Starting with the earliest Time Zone in play the players attempt to solve Missions and rescue Companions lost in time by deploying travelers they have collected, or using their own special powers.  
  3. Focus on Fun, Adventure, Science, or for Profit Missions to get extra bonus points, or use the Objective Cards for a more advanced game.
  4. After 7 Rounds the player with the most points from Missions, Tokens and Objectives becomes Sarah Prime and wins.


  • 7Time Zones, each with 8 lost Companions and 7 missions - that's 105 cards!
  • 49 Zone Tokens
  • 8 Alternate Future Player Cards
  • 42 Zone Selector Mini-Cards
  • 28 Advanced Objective Mini-Cards
  • 6 Reference Cards
  • 1 Time Czar Meeple
  • 1 Rulebook


Game Design: Thomas Gutschmidt
Illustration: Carey Pietsch
Graphic Design: Rebecca McConnell, Dylan Pharaoh-Whitney
Game Development: David MacKenzie