GenCon Pickup for
Horizons Kickstarter Rewards

Please enter your information below if you will pick up your Horizons Kickstarter Rewards (English version only) at GenCon 2018. Only those who register by 11:59pm Pacific Time on July 14th will be allowed to pick up Horizons Rewards at the convention and you must provide ID at the time of pick up.

No exceptions will be made.

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Your Name
You will need to provide a photo ID (Driver's License, Passport, etc...) to pick up your rewards.
To find your backer number, log in to your Kickstarter account on a desktop computer, go to your list of backed projects, find Horizons in the list, click the project name, then scroll to the bottom of the details page.
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On which day will you pick up your Horizons Kickstarter Rewards at the Daily Magic Games Booth?